Commercial Photography



As someone who has worked in marketing for over 10 years all over the united states I can say that each business and brand have a unique set of advertising goals. Your commercial photography objective may vary depending on the size of your business budget, growth projections and goals and most importantly your demographic.

The pictures you post define your brand now more than ever. You can make a website with images and text. It’s easy. Your social media presence is dictated by your images. The text can be simple, all you need to do is be yourself and tell your story. But, ultimately your images will tell people how to view your business.

I often get asked how to spend money on a campaign and I recommend a couple of things. First off, understand how to operate your online advertising campaigns within facebook ads and google adwords. Second, use good photos. You can obviously go deeper, but if you are looking for the basics of getting your small business going those are the cornerstones.

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