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Photographer for Rare Individuals


I’m named after Bob Dylan.

It’s something I’ve always loved that my parents did to me. My daughter is named Edie. If you know the story you’ll know that Edie Sedgwick was the muse to Bob Dylan. I moved to New York in 2011. After tirelessly searching for an apartment in the cheaper neighborhoods and outskirts of New York City, Brooklyn and Queens, something strange happened. We found a tiny little spot on the 3rd floor that seemed to be on sale compared to the other places on 7th Ave. Just a block or a peak out of the back window from the Chelsea Hotel. Rest stop for rare individuals, so the tagline goes. Also, home to Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan and of course Edie Sedgwick. That being said, it always had a special meaning to me. My namesake, the love of my life, my ironic icon, art inspiration, mentor and/or muse to myself if you will. All come crashing together in the place I found my footing in the photography world.

After fighting tooth and nail, hitting the streets and underground venues day and night I began to make some headway.

I found myself shooting for Impose, an obstreperous magazine that made a name for itself being ahead of the curve in the music scene. One thing led to another and I was shooting for Brooklyn Vegan and Vice. I ended up with pictures in Times Square, Rolling Stone, Esquire Cosmopolitan, XXL Magazine and handful of others while shooting for what I considered to be the hottest venues, booking agencies and music festivals in New York City. After meeting the love of my life and deciding to have a baby, I made my way back home to friends and family in Oklahoma. It is here that I have decided to set up shop and take photos for those that understand or relate to my story. It is here I stake my claim as a photographer, for rare individuals.