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I get asked if I do family photography along with the band portraits and press pics and live music stuff I do. The answer is absolutely yes. However, I’m not for everyone. I strongly advise you to look over my work and make sure it’s what you are looking for. I have a different style aesthetically and I don’t aim to shoot like anyone else or recreate the standard pinterest photoshoots you see around the internet.

Creating natural portraits doesn’t always come quick. But, when we get out there it will be the easiest thing in the world. My goal is not to recreate a token family portrait shoot, but we can draw inspiration from other pictures to find our look. I would actually highly encourage you to send me any other portraits, headshots or creative ideas that you like. Beyond that we will just try to capture genuine emotion, real looks and that something special about people.

In my years shooting press shots, headshots, fashion, editorial, live music, food, fun and everything else under the sun I have developed an easy going style. I will guide you where we need, but ultimately this is shouldn’t be complicated. We are just going to go out and have fun.


Editorial Portraits Shot for High Country News | Gerald Cournoyer

Band Portrait | Babes in Toyland

GZA of Wu Tang Clan | Portrait

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Band Press Pics | She Sir

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London | Editorial Portraits for SXSW


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Band Portraits | Big Ups | Featured in Vice/ Noisey

Roger Hill | World Record Holder for Most Tornadoes Seen | Shot for NPR

John Calvin | Press Photos

Starlight Girls | Album Insert

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