Photography Around Oklahoma City, OK

If you’re looking for a portrait, engagement, headshot or family photography in the Oklahoma City area there are quite a few options. I’ll lay out some of my favorite below with a couple of examples.

Wheeler Park

Here I shot some engagement photos for Jessica and Sommer. I can’t wait to get to their wedding. This one location is not far from everything else.

Oklahoma City Underground

In a dreamland of cool lighting, the OKC underground which was formerly known as the Concourse is over 20 square blocks of photo magic. There are multiple entry points. One of the easiest next door to the Skirvin. The location is open from 6am until 8pm Monday to Friday, so weekdays only.

Plaza District

The Oklahoma Plaza Walls is a beautiful place to shoot pics. It is one of the leading mural projects in the United States. Artist of the Year Kris Kanaly helps curate the project to bring together mural artists from all over the world. The images on the walls rotate, so you know, now may be your only chance to get a photography with a piece of Oklahoma history. The district is also full of great places to grab a pre-shoot beer or bite to eat.

Paseo Arts District

The Paseo is a little older than the plaza but the creative spirit is intact. With Scratch Paseo, The Root, Picasso, The Other Room and Sauced all around, this is a great central neighborhood of Oklahoma City to walk around and snap some pics.

Automobile Alley

This neighborhood features what was once the Womb and is now being taken over by Factory Obscura. During Xmas time, the lights can provide some really amazing effects. December is the time of year for this shot, but you can do it anywhere you find heavy Christmas lights.

The Skirvin

Built in 1911, this is the oldest hotel in Oklahoma City. Originally billed as “The newest, finest hotel in the Southwest.” a lot of the original ingredients are still in place. This is a great spot to grab a drink, pose or act casual in front of some amazing decor. We can also walk around downtown for a bit. I love this area and it’s a great place to make a little photo magic.

Will Rogers Park

With limited hours and sometimes short hours, you’ve got to catch this park at the right time. This amazing outdoor park is a great place to snag a few pics. There is a rose garden in the middle, an arboretum, a pond and cool walkways abound to shoot with. I’d love to walk around with you and make some memories permanent.

Factory Obscura

This rotating interactive art space is always bringing new innovative spaces to explore. The address changes and new exhibits pop up all the time. Call if you are interested in what’s happening in the current location.

Downtown Norman

Andrews Park

Myriad Gardens

Ambassador Hotel

Prarie House in Norman (Location Fee)

The Great Salt Plains

A ways down the road if you’re looking for an ethereal photo location. I shot this for Samantha Crain and we used it for her national tour flyers. Reserved for mystical experiences.

Burn Cigar Bar

I’m game for this bar or any bar that holds significance to you. I shot this for Bob Stoops and Rock N Roll Tequila. Burn has an upscale look with good lighting and multiple backdrops and settings.

Medicine Park

Just an hour away you can escape to an old hippie biker town and I’m happy to whenever I’m free.

Now, I love to do two location shoots. Shoot me a text and we can figure out a plan if you’re interested. If I can, time-wise I won’t charge for any travel or drive time. And last but not least a few more spots I’d love to shoot soon

Roman Nose Park
Downtown Tulsa
Blue Whale of Catoosa
400 Block of Main Street in Norman, OK from Roots Salon down to the Lazy Circles
Turner Falls Park
Tower Theater

Shoot me a message. If you have any photography ideas for Oklahoma City I would love to hear them.

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